Support Coordination

The NDIS offers funding for support coordination to help you or your family member to find providers and assist you to coordinate all of your supports.

What can SeQual do for you?

  • Negotiate services to be provided by a provider including prices
  • Develop service agreements
  • Manage the NDIS portal, My Place, for you in regards to service bookings
  • Arrange any assessments required to determine the type of funding required
  • Work out the budget for each support
  • Liaise with your Plan Manager regarding your budget and any other matter that may arise
  • Monitor your NDIS plan and review your goals prior to a plan review Ie. Assess whether your goals were achieved, consider new goals
  • We can support you to link you into your local community Ie. Vocational options, Study options, Community activities
  • We can help to build your capacity to use the NDIS Participant Portal, My Place, so that if you choose You can coordinate your services in the future
  • Liaise with the NDIA with reports on your goals and outcomes


How can I choose SeQual as my or my family members Support Coordinator?

Identify SeQual as your chosen Support Coordinator in your/ your family members’ planning meeting.  A planner will then send a request for service to us.  We can accept and a plan handover meeting is arranged between your planner and us.  We contact you as soon as possible after the meeting with the planner and meet with you to discuss with you the ins and out of what we can do for you and gather what it is you would like from your plan.

Let us help you get the most out of your NDIS funding plan!

Please note we are not an NDIS approved provider for Specialist Support Coordination services.